The Artist


Madison Wanamaker is an artist working in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas whose eclectic body of works could be described as all containing some amount of political, moral, or social protest.  Dealing with concepts like death, the American Dream and the California aesthetic, Wanamaker is constantly  inspired by the beauty of the country around her while also dealing with its serious issues such as Indigenous Peoples rights, pollution, LGBT rights, factory farms, and more.

With a Bachelors degree in Art from the University of California Santa Barbara and a background in Visual Studies and Performing Arts from the Orange County School of the Arts, Madison is a true renaissance woman working in oil and acrylic paint, illustration, face/body paint, SFX makeup, mixed medium sculpture, metal design and fabrication, interior design, performance, and photography.

For pricing, commissions or collaborations, please contact the artist at

For face/body paint appointments in the Santa Cruz and San Fransisco areas please email the artist with “Face Paint” in the Subject Line thank you.

Facebook Madison Wanamaker



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