8.5×8.5” Custom Pet Portrait


Custom pet portraits done in archival pen and watercolor on 8.5 x 8.5” heavyweight archival paper.

Once ordered, please email me at mkwanamaker@gmail.com with “Pet Portrait” in the subject. Please include several somewhat close up, high-resolution (iphone is perfect) photos of your pet (cat, dog, lizard, bird, rat, I love all animals!) in the pose you would like them to be painted in, with nice bright lighting, and ideally, a light colored background. Portraits depict the shoulders and up, so poses I recommend are; straight on, in profile, or 3/4 (the face looking off at an angle). If you have any special instructions or ideas about the piece please let me know!

Pieces take between 1-5 weeks to be completed. If you have a date you would like the piece to be done by please include that in the email. Pieces will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Thank you very much and be well.


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