Custom Commissioned Painting or Illustration

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Comissions are open!
To commission a custom painting, illustration or digital illustration please email me at with “Portrait Commission” in the header and the following information AFTER PURCHASING.Thank you!

1. Do you have a time the piece needs to be completed by?
2. A description of how you envision the piece being composed, such as,
What size is the piece?
A pen on paper illustration, digital illustration or illustration with watercolor painting?
On card stock, wood, or canvas (must provide wood or canvas) ?
In color or black and white?
Are you thinking of a portrait from the shoulders up, or something more specific like a figure sitting on a red couch with all of their pets on the couch around them and some bones lying on the floor?
3. Attach high quality (iPhone is perfect, bright lighting, light colored background) reference photos of the subject/ subjects in the position you would like them to be depicted.
4. Any additional important information you would like me to know, possibly an object or color you would like to be included in the piece.

Please email me before purchasing if you have time constraints so I can get a feel for the project and let you know what the wait is for custom pieces!  This price is for custom works *not* intended for commercial purposes, to license custom work please email me at
Once completed, pieces will ship first class USPS, digital pieces will be emailed and a printed version can shipped upon request.
Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing your ideas!

1 review for Custom Commissioned Painting or Illustration

  1. Satisfied Customer

    Love it! Turned out better than I expected and I am so glad! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    • mkwanamaker

      Thank you so much for your feed back! So glad it arrived safely!

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